Super Crazy Love – A Path to Great Joy!

Artists who follow their calling in life have great joy. By simply being themselves, they spread this joy to all the people around them. Look at what Elon Musk has done, how he works, and his effects on the world. His creations are indescribable. The joy phenomena is similar but its origins can be traced. I’ve seen it triggered by what I call acts of super crazy love. Why crazy? Artistic people impact others in ways that cannot be explained or understood. It doesn’t impact (i.e. amaze) the artistic community as much, but it drives the world crazy because it pushes everyone beyond their limits. That disrupts the lives of everyday people and that earthquake makes people re-examine their lives. Everyone has the ability to do spread this joy, but most people are asleep (i.e. stuck in a loop – doing the same thing everyday). This site was created for people to step outside their comfort zone and post their works. We will showcase them for free, allow others to purchase their creative works, and people can comment on all works posted here. In case you are wondering what an act of super crazy love is, take a look below.

Tony Hawk wanted to be a skater since he was fourteen. He listened to that inner voice amidst all the noise in the world. He followed his calling and has transformed the skateboarding industry. Recently, he was in a competition at the X-games. He performed a super act of crazy love (The First Ever 900). For non-skaters, it’s no big deal. But if you reflect on it, it’s unbelievably crazy. The X-games are held once a year and people train all their professional life for it. Yet, when it was Tony Hawk’s turn to perform, people stopped competing and rooted for him. Why would one’s competitor give up their chance at the gold and cheer for someone else? It is an unexplainable phenomena triggered by an act of super crazy love.

Taking risks and putting yourself out there is scary. Daring to be great doesn’t come without its pitfalls. Mistakes will be made. Just remember never, ever give up on your dreams. Look at the unveiling of Musk’s Future-esque Cybertruck. The windshield unexpectedly broke TWICE. The people of today point the finger and make excuses. Elon Musk was embarrassed yet he didn’t try to cover it up. Through all the obstacles in life, he hasn’t quit but has remained focused and he now has a fleet of unbelievable super crazy vehicles. Don’t buy one of his, create your own.

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Working full-time in the artistic arena can be scary. Many creators have families to support and have chosen fields of work in order to meet the needs of their loved ones. Others artists are lost working dead-end jobs and need some encouragement or direction. Whatever the case, maybe you can try both. All creators need an outlet for their artistic expressions. Instead of expending all that creative passion at work coming up with unappreciated solutions to complex problems at the office, use that energy to live out your dreams here. This site is for you. Whether you are a chemist that has invented a new type of cleaner, a photographer, an author of poems or books, a sportscaster or wanna-be filmmaker, post your creative works here. You can make money by selling what you have made to the general public. Once you become successful, there is no obligation to remain here. We would like you to stay but go wherever your life’s journey takes you. Our goal is for you to be able earn a living doing what you love….

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